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WFI Back in the Driver’s Seat: IOA Dissolves Ad-Hoc Committee, But Questions Remain

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) dissolved the ad-hoc committee overseeing wrestling, handing complete control back to the WFI.

The Indian wrestling scene witnessed a significant development on March 10th, 2024, with the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) dissolving the ad-hoc committee that had been overseeing the sport since December 2023. This move effectively hands complete administrative control back to the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), led by president Sanjay Singh.

A Conditional Handover

The IOA’s decision hinges on two key factors: the successful conduct of selection trials for the upcoming Olympic qualifiers and the lifting of the WFI’s suspension by the international wrestling body, United World Wrestling (UWW). The ad-hoc committee, formed amidst controversy surrounding the WFI’s leadership, collaborated with the WFI in conducting these trials.

WFI Promises Support, Focuses on Olympics

WFI president Sanjay Singh welcomed the IOA’s decision and expressed his commitment to supporting the wrestlers. He outlined plans to organize national camps and facilitate training abroad if necessary. With the Olympics on the horizon, Singh expressed optimism about qualifying 5-6 wrestlers for the prestigious event.

Safeguarding Committee and Athlete Representation: A Balancing Act

The IOA, however, has laid down certain conditions for the WFI’s return. One crucial requirement is the establishment of a “Safeguarding Committee” to address concerns of sexual harassment and abuse that plagued the WFI in the past. The committee is expected to ensure adherence to established rules and regulations. Additionally, the IOA has directed the WFI to conduct athlete commission elections, promoting athlete participation in decision-making processes. Balancing these directives with the ongoing legal case regarding the WFI’s suspension by the Sports Ministry will be a challenge for the federation.

Lingering Uncertainty: Sports Ministry Suspension Remains

While the IOA’s move empowers the WFI, a significant hurdle remains. The Sports Ministry’s suspension of the WFI in December 2023 is still in effect. This creates a potential conflict of authority, with the IOA reinstating the WFI while the Ministry’s investigation continues. A source close to the development expressed surprise at the IOA’s decision, highlighting the unresolved legal case.

A Balancing Act for Indian Wrestling

The return of the WFI marks a significant development in Indian wrestling. However, the path forward remains clouded by the unresolved Sports Ministry suspension. The WFI’s ability to effectively manage the sport, address past issues, and prepare wrestlers for the Olympics will be closely scrutinized. The establishment of the Safeguarding Committee and athlete commission elections, if conducted transparently, could be positive steps towards a more inclusive and responsible governing body. The coming days will be crucial as all stakeholders navigate this complex situation and ensure a smooth path for Indian wrestling’s future.

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