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From Cricket Fan to Volleyball Star: Shubham Chaudhary’s Rise in the Prime Volleyball League

Late bloomer Shubham Chaudhary shines for Mumbai Meteors in PVL 2024!  From a focus on fitness to leadership on the court, read about it all.

Shubham Chaudhary, a late bloomer in the world of volleyball, is enjoying his moment in the spotlight with the Mumbai Meteors in the ongoing Prime Volleyball League (PVL) season. Interestingly, his love for sport started with cricket. He sports the jersey number 18, typically associated with cricket superstar Virat Kohli. However, Chaudhary states it’s a mere coincidence. His true love lies in volleyball, a sport he embraced much later in life.

From Low Points to High Soaring

Last season with the Kochi Blue Spikers, Chaudhary only managed 46 points. This year, however, with the Mumbai Meteors, he’s become a force to be reckoned with, amassing a whopping 134 points. He attributes this turnaround to a change in teams and a renewed focus on fitness. The pre-season camp’s emphasis on movement and physical conditioning has clearly paid off.

A Well-Rounded Threat on the Court

While Chaudhary excels in the universal role, his heart belongs to offense. He boasts an impressive 103 attack points with a success rate of 44.41%, ranking him fourth-best in the league. He also averages a remarkable 8.58 attack points per match.

Stepping Up When Needed: A Leader on the Court

Chaudhary isn’t just about statistics. He demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities, taking responsibility during crucial moments. Whether it’s serving under pressure or delivering powerful spikes when the team needs him most, he steps up to the challenge. His contributions were instrumental in propelling the Meteors to the Super 5 stage.

Shubham Chaudhary: A Complete Player

Chaudhary’s defensive prowess shouldn’t be overlooked. With 14 blocks and 14 rebounds, he’s established himself as a top defender this season. He constantly seeks improvement, crediting his growth to training with a larger group of players compared to his hometown setup.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The supportive environment fostered by the Mumbai Meteors franchise has played a significant role in Chaudhary’s success. The pre-season camp in Bangalore focused heavily on team bonding, creating a strong foundation for their on-court performance.

Overcoming Challenges and Bouncing Back from Injury

During the Meteors’ first Super 5 match against the Ahmedabad Defenders, Chaudhary suffered an ankle injury while attempting a block. Though sidelined for the remaining part of the match, he displayed resilience and made a successful return in the following encounter.

Coach Sunny Joseph’s Influence

Chaudhary acknowledges the positive impact of coach Sunny Joseph. Training under his guidance has helped him gain a deeper understanding of the game and instilled greater discipline, a crucial aspect of the team’s system.

From Encouragement to National Aspirations

Standing tall at 203 cm, Chaudhary’s journey with volleyball began thanks to his father, Mahavir Singh, a former state-level player. Recognizing his son’s height potential, Mahavir Singh encouraged him to take up the sport during his teenage years.

From College Courts to Pro Leagues

Chaudhary’s dedication paid off. He began playing regularly after enrolling at Kurukshetra University and eventually earned a spot on the Haryana team for the senior nationals in 2015. He was also part of the U Mumba Volley team in the inaugural Pro Volleyball League.

Chaudhary acknowledges the valuable role played by foreign players and coaches in the Indian volleyball scene. He believes they bring superior systems and techniques to the table, accelerating the learning curve for Indian players.

A Promising Future for Shubham Chaudhary

While the Mumbai Meteors narrowly missed out on reaching the eliminator stage, their spirited performance throughout the season has garnered them a dedicated fan base. At 30, Chaudhary may not be the youngest player, but his unwavering determination fuels his aspirations of breaking into the national setup in the near future.

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