Thursday, April 18

Season Opener Sizzles: Nirmal Tom and Vithya Ramraj Steal the Show at Indian Open 400m

The Indian Open 400m competition kicked off the athletics season with a bang, showcasing intense competition and promising performances.

The Indian Open 400m competition held at LNCPE, Kariyattom, marked a thrilling start to the domestic athletics season. The event, brimming with fierce competition, served as a crucial platform for athletes vying for spots in the upcoming World Relay Championships in May.

A Nail-Biting Finish in the Men’s Final

The men’s 400m final was an edge-of-the-seat spectacle. The absence of Amoj Jacob due to a back spasm created an opening, and three Kerala athletes seized the opportunity. Noah Nirmal Tom, Muhammed Anas Yahiya (the national record holder), and V. Muhammed Ajmal separated themselves from the pack after the first curve. A captivating battle ensued, with Tom strategically taking the lead at the second bend. Despite a valiant effort from Yahiya and Ajmal, who finished close behind in 46.48 seconds and 46.68 seconds respectively, Tom held his nerve to secure victory in an impressive time of 46.40 seconds.

Vithya Ramraj Cruises to Victory in the Women’s Race

Vithya Ramraj produced a dominant performance in the women’s 400m event. Facing Rupal Choudhary, a formidable competitor returning from injury, Ramraj displayed exceptional control and strategic brilliance. She seized the lead from the very beginning and maintained a comfortable pace throughout the race, clocking a commendable 52.25 seconds. The final results were determined by combining the timings from two separate heats (A and B). Following closely behind Ramraj was Poovamma Raju, who secured second place with a timing of 52.69 seconds. Dandi Jyothika Sri finished a close third at 52.75 seconds.

Promising Performances from Young Talents

Beyond the established stars, the event also served as a launchpad for young athletes. D. Sai Sangeetha, competing in the girls’ U-20 category, showcased her potential by winning the race in a noteworthy time of 55.30 seconds. Similarly, Naveen Kumar impressed in the boys’ U-20 category, clinching the top spot with a timing of 47.40 seconds. Other noteworthy performances came from Piyush Raj (boys’ U-18 winner at 49.39 seconds) and Mayukha Vinod (girls’ U-18 winner at 58.83 seconds). These young athletes have certainly served notice and will be ones to watch in the future.

Looking Ahead

The Indian Open 400m competition not only marked the beginning of the domestic season but also served as a crucial selection event for the prestigious World Relay Championships in May. The intense competition witnessed at LNCPE is a positive sign for Indian athletics, highlighting the depth of talent and the athletes’ determination to secure their places on the national team. As they gear up for the upcoming global challenge, the experience and confidence gained at the Indian Open 400m will undoubtedly prove invaluable.

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