Thursday, April 18

Bengaluru Torpedoes Stage Dramatic Comeback to Down Ahmedabad Defenders in PVL 2024 Super 5 Clash

Bengaluru Torpedoes Stage Dramatic Comeback to Down Ahmedabad Defenders in PVL 2024 Super 5 Clash

The Bengaluru Torpedoes pulled off a stunning comeback victory against the defending champions Ahmedabad Defenders in a thrilling encounter of the Prime Volleyball League 2024 Super 5. Despite trailing by two sets, the Torpedoes displayed remarkable resilience to emerge victorious 14-16, 7-15, 16-14, 15-9, 15-13.

Bengaluru Torpedoes Fight Back from the Brink

Coming off a defeat to the Delhi Toofans, a win was crucial for Bengaluru’s Super 5 hopes. The task seemed daunting as Ahmedabad dominated the first two sets, with their star attacker Nandhagopal and setter Muthusamy Appavu dictating the pace. Blockers Ilya Burau and Shikhar Singh effectively contained Bengaluru’s main weapon, T.R. Sethu.

Blockbuster Performance by Sethu and Vishnu

However, the Bengaluru Torpedoes refused to surrender. Blocker P.V. Vishnu anchored the defense, while Sethu came alive at the most critical moments, unleashing powerful smashes to keep his team in contention. With their backs against the wall in the fifth set, Bengaluru displayed exceptional composure. Trailing 11-9, they opted for a “Super Point” and capitalized on a crucial block to level the score.

A Nail-Biting Finish

The tension escalated as the score reached 13-13. Sethu rose to the occasion once again with a perfectly executed smash, putting Bengaluru on the verge of victory. Despite Angamuthu’s consistent performance throughout the match, a final spike attempt sailed out of bounds, sparking jubilation on the Torpedoes’ side.

This dramatic comeback victory keeps Bengaluru’s Super 5 hopes alive, while also serving as a testament to their fighting spirit and ability to perform under pressure.

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