Thursday, April 18

Calicut Heroes Survive Bengaluru Torpedoes’ Scare in Epic 5-Set PVL Thriller

The Calicut Heroes clawed their way back to the top of the Prime Volleyball League (PVL) Super 5 table after a heart-stopping five-set victory (18-16, 16-14, 8-16, 11-15, 15-10) over the Bengaluru Torpedoes on Thursday. This pulsating encounter showcased exceptional athleticism, tactical battles, and a never-say-die spirit from both teams.

Calicut Takes Early Lead with Cunning Setting and Defensive Brilliance

The opening set was a tightly contested affair, lasting for a gruelling 34 rallies. The Calicut Heroes, led by the astute setting of Ukkra Pandian, managed to narrowly edge out the Torpedoes. Pandian’s swift decision-making kept the Bengaluru defense guessing, allowing the Calicut attackers to find gaps. The second set followed a similar pattern, with the Heroes’ skipper Jerome Vinith and libero Mukesh Kumar showcasing exceptional defensive skills. Their acrobatic digs and blocks frustrated the Torpedoes’ hitters, giving Calicut a commanding 2-0 lead.

Bengaluru Torpedoes Stage a Daring Fightback

Facing elimination, the Bengaluru Torpedoes refused to go down without a fight. Coach Pradeep Kumar’s tactical substitution of Ibin Jose for the struggling Amit Guilherme proved to be a masterstroke. Jose’s energetic presence and pinpoint serving sparked a revival. Veteran attacker Sethu TR also rose to the occasion, unleashing a series of powerful spikes to keep the Bengaluru side in contention. The Torpedoes capitalized on a slight dip in Calicut’s performance, cruising to comfortable wins in the third and fourth sets to force a dramatic decider.

Calicut Clinches Victory with Dominant Fifth-Set Display

The pressure mounted in the fifth set, with both teams aware of the significance of each point. However, the Calicut Heroes displayed nerves of steel. Chirag Yadav’s powerful hitting and the surprise inclusion of substitute opposite-hitter Ashok Bishnoi proved to be a game-changer. Bishnoi’s aggressive approach at the net kept the Torpedoes’ defence on edge. Calicut eventually emerged victorious with a score of 15-10, reclaiming their position at the pinnacle of the PVL Super 5 standings.

This epic encounter is a testament to the growing competitiveness of the Prime Volleyball League. Both the Calicut Heroes and the Bengaluru Torpedoes displayed remarkable fighting spirit, ensuring a thrilling match for the fans. The remaining matches of the Super 5 promise more such nail-biting encounters as teams vie for a coveted playoff spot.

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