Friday, June 14

Sachin Khilari Sets New Asian Record in Shot Put at World Para Athletics Championships

Sachin Khilari sets a new Asian record and wins gold in shot put at the World Para Athletics Championships.

Indian para-athlete Sachin Khilari has made the nation proud by setting a new Asian record in shot put at the World Para Athletics Championships. His remarkable performance earned him the gold medal, adding another feather to India’s cap in the field of para sports.

Sachin Khilari’s Achievement

Khilari’s throw not only broke the previous Asian record but also placed him at the top of the podium, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication. This achievement is a testament to his hard work and resilience, inspiring many aspiring athletes across the country.

The Significance of the Win

Winning gold at an international event like the World Para Athletics Championships is a significant milestone for any athlete. For Khilari, it is a culmination of years of training and perseverance. His victory brings attention to the potential of Indian para-athletes on the global stage.

The Growth of Para Sports in India

India has been making strides in promoting and supporting para sports. Athletes like Sachin Khilari play a crucial role in this journey, proving that with the right support and opportunities, Indian para-athletes can excel at the highest levels. The government and sports bodies need to continue investing in facilities, training, and exposure to ensure sustained success in para sports.


Sachin Khilari’s new Asian record and gold medal at the World Para Athletics Championships is a proud moment for India. His achievement highlights the growing strength of Indian para sports and the immense potential of its athletes. With continued support and encouragement, Indian para-athletes are poised for even greater success in the future.

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