Friday, June 14

3 Indian Para Shuttlers Qualify for Paris Paralympics

Indian para shuttlers Sukant Kadam, Tarun, and Suhas qualify for the Paris Paralympics. Learn about their journey and what this means!

Indian para shuttlers Sukant Kadam, Tarun, and Suhas have secured their spots for the Paris Paralympics, marking a significant achievement in their sporting careers. Their qualification is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the growing prowess of Indian para-badminton on the international stage.

Journey to Qualification

The road to qualification has been challenging, with rigorous training and numerous competitions. Kadam, Tarun, and Suhas have demonstrated consistent performance, showcasing their skills and determination. Their journey reflects the resilience and competitive spirit of Indian para-athletes.

The Impact of Their Achievement

Qualifying for the Paralympics is a monumental achievement for any athlete. For Kadam, Tarun, and Suhas, it represents years of dedication and hard work. Their success also highlights the progress and potential of para-badminton in India, inspiring other athletes to pursue their dreams.

The Importance of Supporting Para Sports

The success of Indian para shuttlers underscores the need for continued support and investment in para sports. Providing adequate training facilities, coaching, and financial support is crucial for nurturing talent and achieving international success. The achievements of Kadam, Tarun, and Suhas can motivate policymakers and sports bodies to enhance their efforts in promoting para sports.


The qualification of Indian para shuttlers for the Paris Paralympics is a proud moment tfor Indian para sports, showcasing the remarkable talent and potential of the nation’s athletes. With continued support and encouragement, the future of Indian para sports looks bright and promising.

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