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Why Abhishek Sharma is Trending on Twitter

Abhishek Sharma, the young and dynamic cricketer from Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), has taken the IPL 2024 by storm, and his recent performances have made him a trending topic on Twitter. Let’s delve into the reasons behind his trending status and explore the key moments that have captivated fans.

Key Performances in IPL 2024

1. Explosive Knock Against Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)

Abhishek Sharma’s recent unbeaten 75 off just 28 balls against LSG is one of the primary reasons he is trending. In match 57 of IPL 2024, Abhishek, along with Travis Head, led SRH to a spectacular 10-wicket victory. Their partnership of 167 runs in just 9.4 overs is one of the highlights of this IPL season. This performance not only secured a crucial win for SRH but also showcased Abhishek’s ability to perform under pressure​ (Khel Now)​​ (Hindustan Times)​.

2. Consistent Season Performance

Throughout the IPL 2024 season, Abhishek Sharma has been a consistent performer. With over 400 runs in 12 matches, he has maintained an impressive average and strike rate, making him one of the top batsmen of the tournament. His ability to play aggressive cricket while maintaining consistency has been a significant factor in SRH’s success this season​ (Khel Now)​​ (Hindustan Times)​.

People Behind the Star

1. Mentorship from Yuvraj Singh and Brian Lara

Abhishek has credited his success to the mentorship and guidance of former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh and SRH’s former coach Brian Lara. Their insights and coaching have helped him refine his skills and approach the game with a strategic mindset. Abhishek has often spoken about the influence of these legends on his career, which resonates with fans and adds to his popularity​ (Khel Now)​.

2. Family Support

Abhishek Sharma has also highlighted the role of his family, particularly his father, in his cricketing journey. His father’s early coaching and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping his career. This personal touch in his success story has endeared him to fans, making them root for his continued success​ (Khel Now)​.

Social Media Buzz

1. Fan Reactions and Memes

Twitter is abuzz with fans celebrating Abhishek Sharma’s performances. Memes, highlight reels, and fan art are flooding social media, showcasing the excitement and admiration fans have for him. The hashtag #AbhishekSharma has been trending, with fans and cricket enthusiasts sharing their appreciation and predictions for his future performances.

2. Expert Opinions and Praise

Cricket experts and analysts have also been vocal about Abhishek’s impressive form. Many have praised his aggressive batting style and ability to handle high-pressure situations. Their endorsements further amplify his trending status and highlight his potential as a future star in Indian cricket​ (Khel Now)​​ (Hindustan Times)​.

Looking Ahead

1. Potential for National Team Selection

Given his current form, Abhishek Sharma is being eyed as a potential candidate for the Indian national team. His performances in IPL 2024 have not only helped SRH but have also positioned him as a strong contender for future international matches. Fans and experts alike are excited to see him don the national colors and contribute to India’s cricketing success.

2. Continued Impact in IPL

As the IPL 2024 season progresses, Abhishek Sharma’s role in SRH’s campaign will be crucial. His ability to provide explosive starts and anchor the innings will be key to SRH’s chances of making it to the playoffs and beyond. Fans are eagerly waiting to see more match-winning performances from this talented cricketer.


Abhishek Sharma’s trending status on Twitter is a testament to his exceptional performances and the impact he has had on the IPL 2024 season. His explosive batting, combined with the support and mentorship he has received, makes him one of the most exciting young talents in Indian cricket. As fans continue to celebrate his achievements, the future looks bright for Abhishek Sharma.

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