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MS Dhoni Handshake Snub Goes Viral: Fans Rally in Defense

A video from the IPL 2023 final showing MS Dhoni walking off the field without the usual handshake has sparked debates. MS Dhoni Handshake...

A video from the IPL 2023 final showing MS Dhoni walking off the field without the customary handshake has sparked debates. Critics have questioned his sportsmanship, but Chennai Super Kings fans have come to his defense, sharing a throwback video to highlight his respectful behavior. What do you think of the MS Dhoni Handshake incident?

MS Dhoni Handshake: What Happened?

The video, which resurfaced after CSK’s defeat to RCB on May 18, shows Dhoni leaving the field before the usual handshake routine. This act was perceived as unsporting by some, but fans quickly pointed out his numerous instances of fair play and respect towards opponents. The context of the match, where emotions run high, might have influenced Dhoni’s actions, suggesting it was an unintentional oversight rather than a deliberate snub​ (India Today)​​ (SportsKhabri)​.

Fan Reactions

CSK fans shared videos and anecdotes showcasing Dhoni’s sportsmanship, including moments where he has gone out of his way to acknowledge and appreciate his opponents. One notable example was from IPL 2019 when Dhoni, after a heated match, went to the opposition’s dressing room to congratulate the players. These gestures highlight his commitment to upholding the spirit of the game and his genuine respect for fellow cricketers​ (India Today)​​ (SportsKhabri)​.

The Role of Sportsmanship in Cricket

The incident brings to light the importance of sportsmanship in cricket. While competitive spirit is essential, acts of respect and camaraderie define the gentleman’s game. Dhoni’s career, marked by numerous gestures of goodwill, reinforces the need for maintaining these values. As a role model for young cricketers, Dhoni’s actions and the subsequent defense by fans emphasize that occasional lapses should not overshadow a legacy built on integrity and respect.

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