Thursday, April 18

Love Showers Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya Booed at Wankhede Stadium

Discontent with the new captaincy brews as fans demand 'Rohit, Rohit'. Hardik Pandya Booed savagely as fans express their unhappiness.

Discontentment with the new captaincy seems to be brewing amongst Mumbai Indians fans. In a surprising display of loyalty, the Wankhede Stadium crowd showered former skipper Rohit Sharma with chants and cheers during the toss for the MI vs RR match. Hardik Pandya booed savagely during the first home game of the season for Mumbai Indians.

“Rohit, Rohit” Chants Erupt at Wankhede

As Hardik Pandya, the newly appointed captain, walked out for the toss, the stadium resonated with chants of “Rohit, Rohit.” The intensity of the chants even prompted broadcaster Sanjay Manjrekar to intervene and urge the crowd to “behave.” This wasn’t an isolated incident. Fans continued to hail Rohit as their true leader throughout the match, even resorting to veiled remarks against Hardik.

The city’s love for Rohit extended beyond the chants. Street vendors did brisk business selling “only Rohit” jerseys, highlighting the unwavering fan support for the former captain. Fans even travelled long distances to show their solidarity with Rohit, with many sporting his jersey.

Hardik Pandya Booed

This isn’t the first time Hardik has faced such a reception. Similar boos greeted him in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad in previous matches. While some cricketers, including Ravichandran Ashwin, have backed Hardik, the Mumbai crowd, often referred to as the team’s 12th man, has made their preference clear – Rohit Sharma remains their captain.

A Bittersweet Day for Rohit

Despite the overwhelming support, Rohit’s on-field performance couldn’t mirror the love from the stands. He was dismissed for a golden duck by Rajasthan Royals’ Trent Boult, equaling the dubious record for most ducks in the IPL (17), currently held by Dinesh Karthik. The incident further ignited the crowd’s emotions, with one fan even breaching security to hug Rohit during the second innings.

Looking Ahead: Can Hardik Win Over the Fans?

The Wankhede crowd’s unwavering loyalty towards Rohit Sharma presents a unique challenge for Hardik Pandya. While his leadership skills are undeniable, winning over the hearts of these passionate fans will be crucial for his success as captain. Whether his performance on the field and his leadership throughout the season can win over the fans remains to be seen.

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