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What is the IPL 2024 Schedule?

The wait is over! The much-anticipated IPL 2024 schedule is here, promising a season filled with electrifying clashes, nail-biting finishes, and exceptional cricketing talent. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual spectator, knowing the schedule allows you to plan your viewing experience and witness the best of T20 cricket.

What is the IPL 2024 Schedule?

March 22, FridayCSK vs RCBChennai8:00 PM
March 23, SaturdayPBKS vs DCMohali3:30 PM
March 23, SaturdayKKR vs SRHKolkata7:30 PM
March 24, SundayRR vs LSGJaipur3:30 PM
March 24, SundayGT vs MIAhmedabad7:30 PM
March 25, MondayRCB vs PBKSBengaluru7:30 PM
March 26, TuesdayCSK vs GTChennai7:30 PM
March 27, WednesdaySRH vs MIHyderabad7:30 PM
March 28, ThursdayRR vs DCJaipur7:30 PM
March 29, FridayRCB vs KKRBengaluru7:30 PM
March 30, SaturdayLSG vs PBKSLucknow7:30 PM
March 31, SundayGT vs SRHAhmedabad3:30 PM
March 31, SundayDC vs CSKVizag7:30 PM
April 1, MondayMI vs RRMumbai7:30 PM
April 2, TuesdayRCB vs LSGBengaluru7:30 PM
April 3, WednesdayDC vs KKRVizag7:30 PM
April 4, ThursdayGT vs PBKSAhmedabad7:30 PM
April 5, FridaySRH vs CSKHyderabad7:30 PM
April 6, SaturdayRR vs RCBJaipur7:30 PM
April 7, SundayMI vs DCMumbai3:30 PM
April 7, SundayLSG vs GTLucknow7:30 PM
April 8, MondayCSK vs KKRChennai7:30 PM
April 9, TuesdayPBKS vs SRHMohali7:30 PM
April 10, WednesdayRR vs GTJaipur7:30 PM
April 11, ThursdayMI vs RCBMumbai7:30 PM
April 12, FridayLSG vs DCLucknow7:30 PM
April 13, SaturdayPBKS vs RRMohali7:30 PM
April 14, SundayKKR vs LSGKolkata3:30 PM
April 14, SundayMI vs CSKMumbai7:30 PM
April 15, MondayRCB vs SRHBengaluru7:30 PM
April 16, TuesdayGT vs DCAhmedabad7:30 PM
April 17, WednesdayKKR vs RRKolkata7:30 PM
April 18, ThursdayPBKS vs MIMohali7:30 PM
April 19, FridayLSG vs CSKLucknow7:30 PM
April 20, SaturdayDC vs SRHDelhi7:30 PM
April 21, SundayKKR vs RCBKolkata3:30 PM
April 21, SundayPBKS vs GTMohali7:30 PM
April 22, MondayRR vs MIJaipur7:30 PM
April 23, TuesdayCSK vs LSGChennai7:30 PM
April 24, WednesdayDC vs GTDelhi7:30 PM
April 25, ThursdaySRH vs RCBHyderabad7:30 PM
April 26, FridayKKR vs PBKSKolkata7:30 PM
April 27, SaturdayDC vs MIDelhi3:30 PM
April 27, SaturdayLSG vs RRLucknow7:30 PM
April 28, SundayGT vs RCBAhmedabad3:30 PM
April 28, SundayCSK vs SRHChennai7:30 PM
April 29, MondayKKR vs DCKolkata7:30 PM
April 30, TuesdayLSG vs MILucknow7:30 PM
May 1, WednesdayCSK vs PBKSChennai7:30 PM
May 2, ThursdaySRH vs RRHyderabad7:30 PM
May 3, FridayMI vs KKRMumbai7:30 PM
May 4, SaturdayRCB vs GTBengaluru7:30 PM
May 5, SundayPBKS vs CSKDharamshala3:30 PM
May 5, SundayLSG vs KKRLucknow7:30 PM
May 6, MondayMI vs SRHMumbai7:30 PM
May 7, TuesdayDC vs RRDelhi7:30 PM
May 8, WednesdaySRH vs LSGHyderabad7:30 PM
May 9, ThursdayPBKS vs RCBDharamshala7:30 PM
May 10, FridayGT vs CSKAhmedabad7:30 PM
May 11, SaturdayKKR vs MIKolkata7:30 PM
May 12, SundayCSK vs RRChennai3:30 PM
May 12, SundayRCB vs DCBengaluru7:30 PM
May 13, MondayGT vs KKRAhmedabad7:30 PM
May 14, TuesdayDC vs LSGDelhi7:30 PM
May 15, WednesdayRR vs PBKSGuwahati7:30 PM
May 16, ThursdaySRH vs GTHyderabad7:30 PM
May 17, FridayMI vs LSGMumbai7:30 PM
May 18, SaturdayRCB vs CSKBengaluru7:30 PM
May 19, SundaySRH vs PBKSHyderabad3:30 PM
May 19, SundayRR vs KKRGuwahati7:30 PM
May 21, TuesdayQualifier 1Ahmedabad7:30 PM
May 22, WednesdayEliminatorAhemedabad7:30 PM
May 24, FridayQualifier 2Chennai7:30 PM
May 26, SundayIPL FinalChennai7:30 PM
What is the IPL 2024 Schedule?

Understanding the Playoffs and Finals

The top four teams from the league stage progress to the playoffs. Here’s a breakdown of the playoff structure:

  • Eliminator: The first-ranked team faces the fourth-ranked team in a single-elimination match.
  • Qualifier 1: The second-ranked team plays the third-ranked team. The winner of this match advances directly to the finals.
  • Qualifier 2: The loser of Qualifier 1 gets another shot at the finals by playing the winner of the Eliminator match.
  • Final:┬áThe winner of Qualifier 2 takes on the winner of Qualifier 1 in the grand finale to determine the IPL 2024 champion.

Mark Your Calendars and Get Ready for the Spectacle!

With the IPL 2024 schedule unveiled, cricket fans around the world can now gear up for a season filled with unforgettable moments. From the opening ceremony’s grandeur to the breathtaking skill showcased on the field, the IPL promises an extravaganza of cricket entertainment. So, mark your calendars, choose your favorite team, and prepare to witness the pinnacle of T20 action unfold!

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