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FIH Appoints PR Sreejesh and Caram to Lead New FIH Athletes Committee

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) announces a new FIH Athletes Committee led by PR Sreejesh (India) and Camila Caram (Chile).

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has announced the formation of a new FIH Athletes Committee, with Indian goalkeeper PR Sreejesh and Chilean skipper Camila Caram named as co-chairs. This committee will serve as a vital link between players and the governing body of hockey.

Committee’s Role: Advocating for Athletes

The FIH Athletes Committee functions as a consultative body, providing recommendations to various FIH entities like the Executive Board, committees, and advisory panels. This committee will champion the needs and interests of hockey players worldwide.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Giving Feedback: The committee will be a channel for athletes to voice their concerns and suggestions to the FIH.
  • Developing Resources: The committee will play a role in creating and promoting resources for athletes, encompassing aspects like health and well-being, anti-doping education, social media management, and career development.
  • Growing the Sport: They will contribute to initiatives that raise the profile of hockey players, attracting new fans and promoting the sport’s growth.
  • Global Collaboration: The committee will collaborate with the International Olympic Committee’s Athletes’ Commission and other sporting organizations to share information and best practices, ultimately aiming to elevate the sport globally.

FIH Athletes Committee Members and Their Specific Roles

The FIH has approved the following athletes as members of the committee, each with designated responsibilities:


PR Sreejesh (India): Leads planning and meetings.

Camila Caram (Chile): Serves as the Committee’s representative on the FIH Executive Board.

Regular Members:

  • Matt Swann (Australia): Represents the committee in the FIH Competitions Committee.
  • Catherine Fabiano (Fiji): Represents the Committee in the FIH Umpiring Committee.
  • Jacqueline Mwangi (Kenya): Represents the Committee in the FIH Technical Officials Committee.
  • Mohamed Mea (South Africa): Represents the Committee in the FIH Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  • Juliani Mohamad Din (Malaysia): Represents the Committee in the FIH Education Committee.
  • Marlena Rybacha (Poland): Represents the Committee in the FIH Health and Safety Committee
  • Cesar Garcia (Mexico): Represents the Committee in the FIH Rules Committee.

This committee signifies a new era of athlete participation in FIH decision-making. With Sreejesh and Caram at the helm, the FIH Athletes Committee promises to be a strong voice for hockey players on the international stage.

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