Wednesday, July 17

Antim Panghal Gets Relief: To Face Single Final Bout for Asian Wrestling Trials

Antim Panghal, India’s sole Olympic quota holder in women’s 53kg wrestling, has been granted a concession by the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). Instead of participating in the entire selection process for the upcoming Asian Championships, she will only need to compete in one final bout.

The decision comes as Panghal is currently injured and has been unable to train extensively. As per a WFI circular, the winner of the regular 53kg weight category trials, scheduled for March 10-11 in Delhi, will face Panghal in a final match to be held later in March.

Why is Antim Panghal Getting Relief?

This move aims to balance fairness for other wrestlers while acknowledging Panghal’s unique position as an Olympic qualifier. It also highlights the ongoing complexities within the WFI. While the international wrestling federation, UWW, lifted its suspension on the WFI, the Indian government’s suspension remains in place due to ongoing legal challenges from wrestlers like Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat.

The WFI, despite its suspended status, is moving forward with its activities. They have scheduled a special general meeting for March 29 in Noida. Whether the ongoing legal disputes will impact this meeting or the planned trials remains to be seen.

This situation underscores the current uncertainties surrounding Indian wrestling. While Panghal’s situation has been addressed, the larger issues concerning the WFI’s leadership and transparency require resolution to ensure a fair and stable environment for all Indian wrestlers.

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