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10 Famous Paralympic Athletes India is Proud of!

Embark on a soul-stirring journey through the lives of famous Paralympic athletes India is proud of. These athletes’ stories display their indomitable spirit, incredible resilience, and glorious triumphs. Their extraordinary journeys are all about proving that challenges are just stepping stones to glory.

10 Famous Paralympic Athletes India loves!

1. Devendra Jhajharia (Javelin Throw)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: Losing his left arm at a young age didn’t deter Devendra’s spirit. Navigating life with a disability in rural Rajasthan, he encountered numerous hurdles.
  • Glory: A two-time Paralympic gold medalist, Devendra has shattered world records, leaving an indelible mark in the world of para-athletics.

2. Mariyappan Thangavelu (High Jump)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: Hailing from a humble background, Mariyappan suffered a severe leg injury as a child but never allowed it to curtail his dreams.
  • Glory: Triumphing over adversities, he clinched a gold medal in the 2016 Rio Paralympics, soaring the heights of success and pride.

3. Deepa Malik (Shot Put and Javelin Throw)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: Paralyzed below the chest, Deepa’s journey was strewn with physical and societal challenges.
  • Glory: Becoming the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Paralympics, Deepa’s tale is a luminous beacon of resilience and courage.

4. Avani Lekhara (Shooting)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: A car accident left Avani with a spinal cord injury, but she transformed the tragedy into a foundation of her shooting career.
  • Glory: With a historic gold medal in shooting at the Tokyo Paralympics, Avani’s precision and poise have etched her name in the annals of greatness.

5. Pramod Bhagat (Badminton)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: Afflicted by polio, Pramod’s journey was punctuated by physical hardships, but his spirit remained unquenchable.
  • Glory: Dominating the badminton courts, Pramod’s exhilarating performances culminated in a glorious Paralympic gold medal.

6. Manish Narwal (Shooting)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: Born with an impairment in his right hand, Manish embraced his condition as a unique aspect of his journey.
  • Glory: Unleashing his sharpshooting prowess, Manish clinched a scintillating gold at the Tokyo Paralympics, defining excellence and determination.

7. Sumit Antil (Javelin Throw)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: After losing his leg in a tragic accident, Sumit’s dreams seemed distant. But his unwavering resolve turned adversity into opportunity.
  • Glory: Sumit not only secured a gold medal in the Tokyo Paralympics but also set a new world record, engraving his name in history with golden letters.

8. Bhavina Patel (Table Tennis)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: Diagnosed with polio, Bhavina faced life’s battles with extraordinary grit, making the table tennis table her battlefield.
  • Glory: Her sensational skills brought home a silver medal from the Tokyo Paralympics, making the nation beam with pride and admiration.

9. Singhraj Adhana (Shooting)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: Confronting polio from a young age, Singhraj’s journey was forged with formidable challenges and a steadfast spirit.
  • Glory: His exceptional sharpshooting skills earned India precious medals in the Paralympics, exemplifying perseverance and brilliance.

10. Sundar Singh Gurjar (Javelin Throw)

Indian Paralympic athletes
  • Struggle: Losing an arm in an accident, Sundar’s life took a drastic turn. But his heart brimmed with dreams too powerful to be curtailed.
  • Glory: Sundar’s spectacular throws have won him numerous accolades, including a Paralympic medal, echoing the triumph of determination.


Each of these famous Paralympic athletes India is home to carries a tale heartening and powerful. Their journey from struggles to Paralympic glory remains a magnificent testament to the spirit of human endurance. They are all about the profound beauty of dreams nurtured amidst adversities.


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