Friday, June 21

World Cup’s Top 7 teams to play in Champions Trophy 2025 with host Pakistan

Champions Trophy 2025

The qualification process for the ICC Champions Trophy 2025 is adding an extra layer of excitement to the ongoing Cricket World Cup. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

Top Seven Secure Qualification for Champions Trophy

  • Teams finishing in the top seven of the World Cup standings will automatically qualify for the Champions Trophy.
  • This incentive adds another layer of motivation for teams to perform well in the World Cup.

Tournament Format:

  • The Champions Trophy will follow its traditional format.
  • Four teams will participate, divided into two groups.
  • Top two teams from each group advance to the semifinals, followed by the final.

Challenges for England and Bangladesh:

  • The qualification process, adopted in 2021, might pose challenges for some teams.
  • Both England and Bangladesh are currently struggling, sitting at 10th and 9th positions, respectively, with only two points each.
  • They need a significant turnaround in their remaining matches to secure a top-seven finish and qualify.

Shakib Al Hasan Emphasizes Importance

  • Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan highlighted the importance of finishing in the top seven for qualification.
  • He acknowledged the need to improve their standings beyond just reaching the semifinals.

Current Standings and Implications

  • Netherlands (8th) and Afghanistan (7th) are currently in good positions to qualify based on their World Cup rankings.
  • Teams like West Indies, Ireland, and Zimbabwe are ineligible for the Trophy as they are not participating in the World Cup.

The qualification race adds an extra dimension to the World Cup, with several teams fighting not only for the World Cup title but also for a coveted spot in the Champions Trophy. The remaining matches will be crucial for teams like England and Bangladesh, while others like Netherlands and Afghanistan seek to solidify their positions.

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