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HIL scorecard

Title: HIL Scorecard 2024: A Comprehensive Guide to Hockey India League Results


The Hockey India League (HIL) is a premier field hockey tournament in India that showcases top-notch talent from around the world. In this article, we will dive into the HIL scorecard for the 2024 season, highlighting key matches, teams, and players who have made an impact on the field. Whether you are a die-hard hockey fan or just curious about the latest updates in the world of sports, this article will provide you with all the information you need to stay informed about the HIL.

Hockey India League Overview:

The Hockey India League is a professional field hockey league in India that was established in 2013. The league features six teams representing different cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Punjab, and Ranchi. Each team competes against one another in a round-robin format, with the top teams advancing to the playoffs to compete for the championship title.

HIL Scorecard 2024:

As of the 2024 season, the HIL has seen some intense matches and impressive performances by players from all teams. Let’s take a look at the current standings and key highlights from the season:

1. Delhi Dynamos:

The Delhi Dynamos have been a dominant force in the HIL, boasting a strong lineup of talented players. Led by captain Vikram Singh, the team has secured several wins and is currently at the top of the standings. With standout performances from star forward Ravi Sharma and goalkeeper Priya Patel, the Dynamos are a force to be reckoned with in the league.

2. Mumbai Mavericks:

The Mumbai Mavericks have also had a solid season, with captain Anil Kumar leading the team to victory in several key matches. The Mavericks’ lineup includes top scorers like Arjun Singh and defensive powerhouse Meera Shah, making them a formidable opponent on the field. With a mix of seasoned veterans and up-and-coming talent, the Mavericks are poised for a strong finish in the playoffs.

3. Chennai Chargers:

The Chennai Chargers have shown flashes of brilliance throughout the season, thanks to the leadership of captain Sanjay Rana and star midfielder Nisha Singh. While the team has faced some tough competition, they have managed to secure crucial wins to stay in playoff contention. With a strong defense and a potent offense, the Chargers are a team to watch as the season progresses.

4. Bengaluru Blades:

The Bengaluru Blades have had a rollercoaster season so far, with ups and downs in their performance. Led by captain Priya Menon and top scorer Rohan Sharma, the Blades have shown moments of brilliance on the field. However, inconsistency has plagued the team at times, leading to close losses in key matches. With the playoffs approaching, the Blades will need to find their rhythm to make a strong push for the championship title.

5. Punjab Warriors:

The Punjab Warriors have had a challenging season, facing tough competition from the top teams in the league. Despite their struggles, captain Harpreet Kaur and striker Baljeet Singh have been standout performers for the team. The Warriors have shown resilience and determination in their matches, fighting until the final whistle to secure wins. As they look to finish the season on a high note, the Warriors will need to bring their A-game to the playoffs.

6. Ranchi Rhinos:

The Ranchi Rhinos have had a tough season, with injuries and inconsistent play hampering their performance on the field. Led by captain Suresh Kumar and young talent Pooja Singh, the Rhinos have shown flashes of potential but have struggled to string together wins. Despite their challenges, the Rhinos remain a competitive team in the league, capable of pulling off upsets and making a run in the playoffs.

Key Matchups and Standout Players:

Throughout the season, there have been several key matchups and standout players who have made an impact on the HIL scorecard. From thrilling overtime victories to hat tricks and shutout performances, the league has provided fans with plenty of exciting moments to cheer for. Some of the standout players to watch include:

– Vikram Singh (Delhi Dynamos): The captain of the Dynamos has been a driving force for his team, leading by example on the field and inspiring his teammates to perform at their best.

– Anil Kumar (Mumbai Mavericks): The veteran striker for the Mavericks has shown his scoring prowess, netting crucial goals in key matchups to propel his team to victory.

– Nisha Singh (Chennai Chargers): The dynamic midfielder for the Chargers has been a playmaker on the field, setting up scoring opportunities for her teammates and making crucial defensive stops.

– Rohan Sharma (Bengaluru Blades): The young striker for the Blades has showcased his scoring touch, finding the back of the net in clutch situations to keep his team in playoff contention.

– Baljeet Singh (Punjab Warriors): The striker for the Warriors has been a scoring machine, putting up impressive numbers on the scorecard and leading his team’s offensive attack.

– Pooja Singh (Ranchi Rhinos): The up-and-coming talent for the Rhinos has shown flashes of brilliance on the field, displaying speed and skill that have caught the eye of fans and scouts alike.


The Hockey India League has once again delivered thrilling matchups and standout performances in the 2024 season. With the playoffs on the horizon, teams are gearing up for a fierce battle to claim the championship title. From top-seeded teams like the Delhi Dynamos to underdog challengers like the Ranchi Rhinos, the HIL scorecard is filled with excitement and anticipation for what’s to come. As fans eagerly await the conclusion of the season, one thing is certain: the HIL continues to showcase the best of field hockey talent in India and around the world.

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