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Meet Sreeja Akula – India’s No.1 Women’s Paddler

Sreeja Akula achieved a significant milestone last month by becoming India's top-ranked women's paddler. She has surpassed Manika Batra!

Sreeja Akula achieved a significant milestone last month by becoming India’s top-ranked women’s paddler. She has surpassed Manika Batra in the latest world rankings, marking a new high in her career and underscoring her consistent performance on the international stage.

Sreeja Akula – Achieving the Top Rank

Sreeja Akula’s rise to the 38th position in the world rankings is a testament to her dedication and hard work. Her performances in recent tournaments have been outstanding, earning her points and recognition that propelled her to the top spot in India​​.

Reaction from the Paddling Community

The paddling community has celebrated Sreeja’s achievement, recognizing it as a positive development for Indian table tennis. “Sreeja’s ascent to the top is a result of her relentless pursuit of excellence. She has been working incredibly hard, and this ranking is well-deserved,” said a senior coach.

Future Prospects

With this new ranking, Sreeja Akula is poised to represent India in more international tournaments, where she will aim to further improve her world ranking and bring laurels to the country. Her journey serves as an inspiration for upcoming paddlers who aspire to achieve similar heights.


Sreeja Akula’s achievement of becoming India’s No.1 women’s paddler is a proud moment for Indian table tennis. As she continues to compete and excel, her performances will be keenly followed by fans and aspiring athletes alike.

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