Wednesday, April 17

Clearing the Air: AIFF and Stimac Discuss World Cup Qualification Push

A virtual meeting between the AIFF and coach Igor Stimac clears the air regarding his comments about resigning, and World Cup Qualifiers.

Following Igor Stimac’s recent comments regarding his future as head coach, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) held a virtual meeting to discuss the situation. The focus of the meeting shifted towards India’s crucial upcoming World Cup qualifiers. This was a virtual meeting held with Stimac.

Focus on the Goal: Round 3 Qualification

Both Stimac and the AIFF committee acknowledged the importance of achieving Round 3 qualification in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers 2026. Currently ranked second in their group, India has a realistic chance of advancing. The meeting aimed to create a unified front, with both parties committed to achieving this historic feat.

AIFF and Stimac: United for Victory?

The AIFF’s virtual meeting with Stimac is a positive step towards ensuring India’s football team is fully supported and prepared for their upcoming matches. Stimac’s clarification regarding his comments and the committee’s focus on qualification demonstrates a commitment to working together. Indian football fans will be hoping that this newfound unity translates to success on the pitch, potentially propelling the team to a historic World Cup qualification. With two crucial matches remaining, all eyes will be on India as they strive to make sporting history.

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