Wednesday, April 17

ATP Tour 2024 Shakes Up Doubles with Serve Clock, Singles Ranking Entry, and More!

The ATP Tour is shaking up doubles tennis with a trial run of new rules!  Get the scoop on the serve clock, entry based on singles rankings, and more.

The ATP is serving up a fresh approach to doubles tennis! In an effort to boost the game’s popularity, the men’s professional tour will be trialing new rules and formats throughout the season. Get ready for faster matches, exciting player combinations, and a more fan-friendly experience.

Key Changes Headed to the ATP Court

  • A 15-Second Serve Clock: Get ready for quicker service! This change aims to increase pace and potentially add a touch of drama.
  • Singles Rankings for Doubles Entry: Up to 16 teams will be able to use their singles rankings to enter tournaments. This could create never-before-seen matchups between top singles and doubles players.
  • Streamlined Schedule and Unrestricted Fan Movement: The doubles event will start later in the week, and fans will have more freedom to move around during matches, creating a more relaxed atmosphere.

A Bold Experiment with Potential

The ATP’s decision to experiment with doubles is a welcome one. The current format can sometimes feel slow, and the proposed changes have the potential to make the game more exciting and dynamic for fans. The inclusion of top singles players in doubles could create fascinating new rivalries and storylines. Of course, adjustments may be needed based on the trials, but this bold move signifies the ATP’s commitment to making doubles a more prominent part of the tennis experience.

Will it Work? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the future of ATP doubles is about to get interesting!

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