Tuesday, April 16

Arjun Erigaisi Ascended to Indian Chess Throne

Arjun Erigaisi dethrones Viswanathan Anand as India's highest-ranked chess player! Erigaisi's rise to the top 10 globally marks a changing of the guard in Indian chess. A new era of young talent is here!

The facade of Indian chess has witnessed a historic shift. Prodigy Arjun Erigaisi, at the young age of 20, has dethroned the legendary Viswanathan Anand as the highest-ranked Indian chess player, according to the latest FIDE ratings. This ascension marks not just a changing of the guard, but the dawn of a new era in Indian chess.

The Rise of Arjun Erigaisi

Erigaisi’s journey to the top has been nothing short of phenomenal. A chess prodigy since his youth, he earned the coveted Grandmaster title at the tender age of 14 years, 11 months, and 13 days, becoming the 32nd youngest person ever to achieve this feat. Since then, he has displayed remarkable consistency, steadily climbing the ratings ladder. His recent surge in March 2024 finally propelled him past the iconic Anand.

Erigaisi’s Significance: Beyond the Rankings

Erigaisi’s accomplishment transcends his current ranking. He represents a new generation of Indian chess players who are not merely formidable competitors, but possess a distinct style and strategic approach. Erigaisi, known for his aggressive play and tactical brilliance, stands in contrast to the more positional style championed by Anand. This diversity in playing styles signifies the evolving landscape of Indian chess, with young talents carving their own unique paths to success.

Anand’s Enduring Legacy

While the torch has been passed, Viswanathan Anand’s contributions to Indian chess remain unparalleled. A five-time world champion and a global chess icon, Anand’s influence has been instrumental in igniting a passion for chess across the nation. His gracious acceptance of Erigaisi’s rise is a testament to his sportsmanship and his dedication to nurturing future generations of chess players.

A Look Ahead: A Future Filled with Potential

Erigaisi’s feat serves as a beacon of inspiration for countless aspiring chess players in India. It highlights the immense potential that resides within the country’s youth. India’s chess future appears bright, with Erigaisi leading a new wave of prodigies like D. Gukesh and R. Praggnanandhaa who are all rapidly climbing the world rankings. This collective talent pool promises to keep India at the forefront of international chess competition for years to come.

The Global Chess Scene

While India celebrates its new prodigy, the global chess scene continues to witness dominance by the indomitable Magnus Carlsen. However, the rise of young talents like Erigaisi and Abdusattorov from Uzbekistan injects a dose of excitement, hinting at a potential shift in power dynamics in the years to follow.


The changing of the guard in Indian chess is a momentous occasion. Erigaisi’s ascension to the top signifies the culmination of years of dedication and talent. With his reign just beginning, the chess world eagerly awaits Erigaisi’s next moves and the captivating chapters he will add to the illustrious history of Indian chess.

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