Tuesday, April 16

East Bengal FC Prioritizes the Future: Roy and Besra Earn ISL Promotion

East Bengal FC looks to the future!  Mahitosh Roy and Shyamal Besra, two talented youngsters, are promoted to the ISL squad.

In a move that has excited the East Bengal FC faithful, the Red & Gold Brigade has announced the promotion of two promising youngsters, Mahitosh Roy and Shyamal Besra, to their Indian Super League (ISL) squad. This decision comes amidst a challenging season for East Bengal, where securing a playoff berth seems unlikely. However, the club’s focus on promoting youth talent signifies a clear vision for the future.

East Bengal FC Focus on Development Over Playoffs

East Bengal currently finds itself in 10th position on the ISL table with only 18 points from 19 matches. While mathematically still in contention for the playoffs, their current form makes qualification a distant dream. Recognizing this reality, the club’s decision to promote Roy and Besra highlights a shift in focus towards long-term development.

This strategic move by the management, following their triumph in the 2024 Super Cup, indicates a commitment to building a strong squad for the upcoming ISL season. Fans are hopeful that Roy and Besra will be given ample playing time in the remaining matches, allowing them to gain valuable experience and adapt to the high intensity of the ISL.

Meet the Young Guns

Mahitosh Roy:

A 25-year-old midfielder, Roy has impressed with his energy and enthusiasm in the I-League 2 and the Durand Cup for the East Bengal reserves and senior sides respectively. His infectious drive and skillset are expected to bring a much-needed spark to the Red & Gold Brigade’s midfield.

Shyamal Besra:

This 19-year-old midfielder is known for his versatility and box-to-box presence. Besra, having honed his skills in the Reliance Foundation Development League and the I-League 2, is a player who enjoys contributing to both attack and defense. His adaptability and well-rounded skillset have garnered him the attention of the coaching staff.

Will They See Playing Time?

The induction of Roy and Besra into the ISL squad presents an intriguing question – will they be relegated to the bench, or will they be given a chance to prove themselves on the pitch? While the answer remains to be seen, Carles Cuadrat’s willingness to integrate young players will surely be met with approval from the East Bengal fanbase.

East Bengal’s decision to promote Roy and Besra signifies a positive shift in focus for the club. By prioritizing the development of young talent, the Red & Gold Brigade is laying a strong foundation for future success. Fans will be keeping a close eye on these exciting youngsters, eager to see if they can make their mark on the ISL stage and win the hearts of the passionate East Bengal supporters.

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