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AIFF Takes Action After Alleged Assault on Women Footballers

AIFF assault allegations deepak sharma

The Indian football community is reeling after allegations surfaced of a physical assault on women footballers. Deepak Sharma, an executive committee member of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), is accused of attacking two players from Himachal Pradesh’s Khad FC during the Indian Women’s League 2 tournament in Goa.

AIFF Assault: Incident Details Emerge

Reports indicate the assault occurred on the night of March 28th, following the team’s defeat to Tuem FC. Sharma, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, is said to have entered the players’ room and assaulted them.

AIFF Women’s Committee Takes Charge

Learning of the incident, Valanka Alemao, the chairperson of the AIFF Women’s Committee, took decisive action. Despite a lack of formal communication from the Goa Football Association (GFA), Alemao tracked down the team’s accommodation and met with the victims.

Players Initially Hesitant, AIFF Suspends Sharma

While the players were initially apprehensive about filing a formal complaint, Alemao encouraged them and offered her full support. The AIFF, demonstrating a commitment to justice, promptly suspended Sharma from all footballing activities in India pending a thorough investigation.

Ensuring Safety and Seeking Justice

“These girls have to get justice,” declared Alemao. “The federation is totally and seriously looking into it… the wrongdoer will be punished, whoever it is.” The AIFF further ensured the safe return home for the affected players, separate from the rest of the team.

A Call for Stronger Safeguards

This incident underscores the critical need for robust protocols to guarantee the safety of women athletes across all Indian sports. The AIFF’s swift response is a positive step, but a comprehensive strategy is necessary to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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