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Assault Allegations Against AIFF Rock Women’s Football in India

Shocking allegations of assault on women footballers by an AIFF official in Goa. Palak Verma and Ritika Thakur from Khad FC accuse Deepak Sharma of physical assault. The incident raises concerns about player safety and calls for stricter action.

Two players from Khad FC, Palak Verma and Ritika Thakur, have accused Deepak Sharma, a senior official with the All India Football Federation (AIFF), of physical assault. The incident allegedly occurred on Thursday night (March 28) in Goa, where Khad FC is participating in the IWL 2.

The players claim Sharma, who was reportedly intoxicated, entered their room and assaulted them after they boiled eggs due to lack of proper dinner. Their complaint details a pattern of Sharma’s inebriated behavior since the team’s travel began.

Deepak Sharma holds significant positions within the AIFF, including being an executive committee member and deputy chairperson of the competition committee.

Swift Action Taken, Report sent to AIFF

The incident came to light the next morning, prompting the match commissioner to involve the Goa Football Association (GFA) for immediate action. The GFA conducted a preliminary investigation and forwarded their report to the AIFF. Additionally, they filed a police complaint to ensure a proper legal process.

Questions Raised About Team Management

Khad FC was the only team with a male member in their contingent – Deepak Sharma. The team manager, Nandita Sharma, who is reportedly Deepak’s wife, is also accused of defending him.

Safety Concerns and Uncertain Future for Khad FC

The alleged assault has left the players feeling unsafe. They have requested separate travel arrangements back home.

The incident casts a shadow over Khad FC’s participation in the IWL 2. While they are scheduled to play their final group stage match on Saturday, they are likely to be eliminated irrespective of the result. Meanwhile, their opponents, City Bahadurgarh, are also facing challenges due to players leaving for the National Championships.

This incident highlights serious concerns about player safety and the need for robust mechanisms to address such issues within the sport.

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