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Hanuma Vihari Served Show-Cause Notice by Andhra Cricket Association

Indian Test batsman Hanuma Vihari finds himself embroiled in a controversy with the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA). This article explores the situation and the unresolved tension between the two parties.

Hanuma Vihari Fallout After Ranji Trophy Exit

The discord began following Andhra’s quarter-final defeat in the 2024 Ranji Trophy. Vihari, who captained the team for their opening match, took to social media accusing the ACA of unfairly removing him from the captaincy.

Initially, Vihari attributed the decision to “personal reasons.” However, later posts revealed a more contentious situation. Vihari alleged that the ACA bowed to pressure from a local politician whose son, the 17th player during the Bengal match, complained about Vihari’s use of strong language.

Vihari’s social media outburst was met with strong emotions. He declared he would “never play for Andhra” and shared a letter of support from teammates.

A He-Said, She-Said Situation

The situation escalated further when the 17th player, KN Prudhuvi Raj, countered Vihari’s claims on social media. Raj denied Vihari’s accusations, stating, “Everyone in the team knows what happened that day.”

Vihari has yet to respond to the show-cause notice issued by the ACA. The association seeks clarification on his actions and hopes to resolve the issue. An ACA official emphasized their desire to understand Vihari’s perspective and highlighted his valuable contributions to Andhra cricket.

Uncertain Resolution

As of now, the situation remains unresolved. Vihari’s silence regarding the notice and Raj’s rebuttal create a complex picture. Whether a resolution can be reached and if Vihari will ever represent Andhra again remains to be seen.

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