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11 Types of Hockey You Probably Don’t Know!

While we all know and love field hockey, many of us don't know that there are 11 types of hockey played all over the world. Read about them!

Hockey isn’t just one sport; it’s a thrilling family of games enjoyed worldwide! Its roots stretch far back, with evidence of similar games played on ancient playing fields. Today, this diverse family boasts numerous members, each with unique rules, equipment, and playing surfaces. Let’s delve into the world of hockey and explore some of its most popular variations:

Types of Hockey Played on Ice

1. Ice Hockey:

Arguably the most famous member of the hockey family, ice hockey is a high-octane game played on a frozen rink. Players don ice skates and propel themselves and a vulcanized rubber puck with sticks. The objective? To fire the puck into the opponent’s net! Fast-paced and action-packed, ice hockey is particularly popular in North America and Europe, and has been captivating audiences at the Winter Olympics since 1924 for men’s competitions and 1998 for women’s.

2. Bandy:

For a taste of winter on a grand scale, look no further than bandy. Played on a massive ice rink, often outdoors, bandy utilizes a ball instead of a puck. This fast-paced sport shares some similarities with association football (soccer) and is particularly beloved in Russia and Sweden, where it’s even considered a national sport in Russia.

Other Popular Types of Hockey

3. Field Hockey:

Not confined to the ice, hockey thrives on grass and artificial turf fields as well. Field hockey is a popular sport for both men and women, with teams wielding sticks to maneuver a small, hard ball and score goals against their opponents. This dynamic sport has been a staple at the Summer Olympics since 1908 for men and 1980 for women, showcasing the athleticism and skill required to excel on the field.

4. Roller Hockey:

Love the speed of ice hockey but prefer a non-frozen environment? Roller hockey has you covered! Played on a smooth surface, this variation features players on roller skates instead of ice skates. A ball, not a puck, is used, and players cannot propel the ball with their skates. This action-packed sport is enjoyed in nearly 60 countries worldwide.

Beyond the Big Names: Types of Hockey Variations That Are Lesser Known

The world of hockey extends far beyond these popular entries. Here’s a peek at some other fascinating variations:

5. Sledge Hockey: Designed for athletes with lower-body disabilities, sledge hockey allows everyone to experience the thrill of the sport. Players compete on specially designed sledges with two blades, using two sticks with picks on one end to propel themselves and the puck.

6. Floorball: Head indoors for a game of floorball! Played with five players per side, this fast-paced sport utilizes sticks and a lightweight, plastic ball with holes.

7. Underwater Hockey: Dive into the unique world of underwater hockey, also known as “Octopush.” Teams compete in a swimming pool, maneuvering a puck across the bottom using short sticks. Talk about an unconventional playing field!

8. Beach Hockey: Soak up the sun and enjoy a game of beach hockey, a variation of street hockey often played on the sandy beaches of Southern California.

9. Ball Hockey: Looking for an alternative playing environment? Ball hockey is played in a gymnasium using sticks and a ball, often a tennis ball.

10. Broomball: On an ice rink, broomball replaces the puck with a ball and the hockey stick with a broom-like implement. Players wear special shoes for better traction while running on the ice.

11. Mini Hockey (or Knee Hockey): Perfect for younger players or those who prefer a lower-impact game, mini hockey, also known as knee hockey, is played kneeling down with short, miniature sticks.

Final Thoughts

This list just scratches the surface of the diverse hockey family. From the icy battlegrounds of bandy to the underwater world of Octopush, there’s a type of hockey waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by everyone! So, lace up your skates (or grab your stick!), and get ready to experience the thrill of this global sport.

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