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Ibin Jose Vows Championship Charge in PVL 2024

Bengaluru Torpedoes' Rising Star: Ibin Jose Vows Championship Charge in PVL 2024

Ibin Jose, the Bengaluru Torpedoes’ “super sub,” is a key player driving the team’s journey in the Prime Volleyball League (PVL) 2024. This article delves into Ibin’s rise, his determination to propel the Torpedoes to victory, and the team’s strategy for the eliminators.

Deja Vu for Ibin Jose and the Torpedoes

The Torpedoes are in a familiar situation. Just like last season, their qualification for the eliminators hinges on another team’s result. However, Ibin Jose, a standout performer in the previous edition, is confident in the team’s ability to overcome past disappointments.

Last Year’s Heroics and Lessons Learned

Ibin’s memory of their thrilling comeback victory against Calicut Heroes in 2023 is fresh. He emphasizes the importance of learning from last year’s runner-up finish, where they fell short to the Ahmedabad Defenders in the final.

Ibin’s Journey: From Schoolyard to PVL Star

Ibin’s volleyball journey began unexpectedly. His talent was discovered by his sister’s coach, leading him to train at academies and eventually the Kerala State Sports Council Volleyball Academy.

Finding His Place in the PVL

Ibin’s perseverance paid off with guidance from his former coach, Lijo E. John. Despite missing the cut in the first season, his performance in the all-India inter-university championship win with Calicut secured him a spot on the Torpedoes roster in the second edition.

The presence of coach David Lee, an Olympic gold medalist, is a valuable asset for Ibin and the team. Lee’s experience provides them with a unique opportunity to learn international-level training methods and strategies.

Turning Silver into Gold: Ibin’s Championship Dream

Having tasted defeat in the finals, Ibin is hungry for victory. His dedication and the team’s focus on minimizing errors position the Bengaluru Torpedoes as a strong contender for the PVL 2024 championship.

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