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Gulveer Singh: Journey from Army Bootcamps to the Global Stage!

Gulveer Singh: Journey from Army Bootcamps to the Global Stage!

Gulveer Singh is India’s newest national record holder in the 10,000m. His path to the same is anything but ordinary. It’s a captivating tale that weaves together dreams of military service, the serendipitous discovery of hidden talent, and the unwavering determination fostered within the Indian Army.

A Village Boy with Army Aspirations

Hailing from Sirsa village in Uttar Pradesh, Gulveer’s initial ambition mirrored that of many young men in his community – to serve in the prestigious Indian Army. His early forays into running were purely utilitarian – focused on acing the army recruitment test. Little did he know that these very runs would pave the way for an extraordinary athletic career.

In 2018, his dream materialized as he enlisted as a sepoy (junior-most rank) in the 23 Grenadiers. It was during his second year stationed in Arunachal Pradesh that fate intervened. An inter-unit cross country race provided the platform for Gulveer’s hidden talent to shine. His exceptional performance caught the eye of Younus Khan, the astute coach of the long-distance running program at the Army Sports Institute in Pune. Recognizing a diamond in the rough, Khan brought Gulveer Singh under his wing in 2018, setting the wheels in motion for his remarkable journey.

Discipline, Motivation, and the Soldier’s Spirit

Several key factors fueled Gulveer’s rapid ascent in the world of athletics. His unwavering discipline is a cornerstone of his success. Coaches consistently remark on his dedication, never missing a single training day. Beyond discipline, a strong motivational force propelled him forward. Initially, athletics served as a tool for career advancement within the army. Every medal earned meant a promotion, better pay, and a distinguished path within the military. This symbiotic relationship between athletic achievement and military rank provided immense motivation for Gulveer.

Furthermore, Surendra Singh, Gulveer’s current coach at the national camp, highlights a unique advantage that soldiers bring to running – an unshakeable mental fortitude. The rigorous training and discipline ingrained in them during army service translate beautifully to the grueling world of long-distance running. Surendra aptly describes this quality as “junoon” (obsession), a relentless drive to succeed that burns brightly within Gulveer.

A Medal Haul and Promotions for Gulveer Singh

Gulveer’s athletic triumphs mirrored his rise through the army ranks. A bronze medal at the 2022 Federation Cup was followed by a gold medal at the National Games, each accomplishment earning him a well-deserved promotion. His most significant achievement to date, a bronze medal in the 10,000m at the 2023 Asian Games, saw him climb the ranks to Naib Subedar – a position most soldiers reach after two decades of service. Gulveer achieved this remarkable feat in just six years, a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication.

Shattering Records and Setting New Goals

On a momentous Sunday at The Ten track meet in California, Gulveer not only secured a podium finish but also rewrote history. He shattered the long-standing national record in the 10,000m, erasing a mark that had stood for a staggering 16 years. While this achievement is a significant milestone, it’s merely the first chapter in a much larger story. Gulveer’s gaze is firmly fixed on the ultimate prize – competing at the Olympics.

The Road to Paris

The path to Paris 2024 is undoubtedly challenging. While the national record was broken by a significant margin, Gulveer still needs to shave off over 40 seconds to qualify directly for the Olympics. However, his coach, Surendra Singh, remains optimistic about his chances of qualifying through world rankings. Consistent performances in the 27.30.00 range over the next two months could be the key to securing a coveted spot. The 5,000m event also presents a promising alternative, with more qualifying positions available.

A Beacon of Hope for Indian Distance Running

Gulveer Singh’s extraordinary journey is a beacon of hope for Indian distance running. It’s a story that transcends athletics, highlighting the power of dedication, the transformative role of coaching, and the unique environment of the Indian Army. From aspiring soldier to national record holder and Olympic hopeful, Gulveer’s story is far from over. With unwavering focus and the unwavering support of his coaches and the Indian Army, Gulveer has the potential to not only qualify for Paris but also challenge for a medal on the grandest athletic stage. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes across the country, proving that talent, hard work, and the right guidance

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