Thursday, July 11

Delhi Toofans Stages Comeback to Thrash Calicut Heroes, Top PVL Super 5 Standings

Delhi Toofans stage a thrilling comeback against Calicut Heroes in the Prime Volleyball League (PVL) 2024.

In a nail-biting encounter at the Prime Volleyball League, Delhi Toofans emerged victorious over Calicut Heroes, claiming the top spot in the Super 5 points table.

Delhi Toofans Triumph After Initial Setback

The match began with a close first set, where both teams displayed exceptional skill (14-16). Calicut capitalized on crucial moments, with Ukkra Pandian and Jerome Vinith leading the charge. Despite Daniel Aponza’s powerful smashes for Delhi, a net fault proved costly, handing Calicut the lead.

Dominant Delhi Rebounds to Clinch Victory

Undeterred, Delhi bounced back in the second set. A successful review at 8-8 ignited their momentum, and with the help of opposite hitter Lazar Dodic, they secured a crucial 15-9 win.

The third set continued Delhi’s dominance. Dodic and Rohit Kumar’s combined efforts, coupled with Aponza’s strong blocking, propelled Delhi to a comfortable 15-11 victory.

The fourth set saw Calicut put up a fight, initially leading 5-7. However, Delhi’s fighting spirit shone through. They clawed their way back to tie the score at 11-11, strategically utilizing a ‘Super Point’ to take the lead. Despite a final review attempt by Calicut, Delhi held their nerve and emerged triumphant 15-13.

This hard-fought win places Delhi Toofans at the top of the PVL Super 5 standings with a perfect record (2 wins, 5 points). Calicut Heroes trail closely behind in second place (1 win, 4 points).

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