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Vinesh Phogat Wins at Wrestling Trials After Drama: Competing in Two Weights, Challenging Quota System

Vinesh Phogat Wins at Wrestling Trials After Drama: Competing in Two Weights, Challenging Quota System

Vinesh Phogat, a decorated Indian wrestler, emerged victorious in the 50kg category at the national wrestling trials in Patiala. However, the path to her win was unconventional.

A Rule-Bending Move for Vinesh Phogat

Vinesh demanded to compete in both the 50kg and 53kg categories, despite UWW regulations allowing participation in only one weight class. This unusual request caused a delay in the competition schedule. The ad-hoc committee, in a controversial move, ultimately allowed her to participate in both.

Securing a Spot, But Questions Remain

Vinesh’s win in the 50kg category grants her a chance to compete for an Olympic quota place at the Asian Olympic Qualifiers. However, she lost the 53kg semi-final.

Vinesh’s primary goal is to compete in the 53kg category, where Antim Panghal already holds a quota place. The current guidelines are unclear about whether a challenger can compete for this quota. Vinesh’s decision to participate in both weight categories reflects this uncertainty.

Selected Wrestlers Announced

The trials also determined the Indian representatives for the Asian Wrestling Championships and the Olympic Qualifiers. The full list of selected wrestlers is:
Women (Barring 53kg, No.2 in Olympic weights will compete in Asian championships) :

Olympic weights: 50kg:

1. Vinesh,

2. Shivanee Pawar;


1. Anju;


1. Anshu Malik,

2. Sarita Mor;


1. Mansi Ahlawat,

2. Manisha;


1. Nisha Dahiya,

2. Radhika;


1. Reetika,

2. Priya Malik;

Non-Olympic weight: 55kg:


59kg: Pushpa Yadav;

65kg: Antim Kundu;

72kg: Harshita.

Fallout and Unresolved Issues:

Vinesh’s victory and the ad-hoc committee’s decision to allow her participation in two weight categories raise questions about adherence to international wrestling regulations. Additionally, the uncertainty surrounding the quota system for the 53kg category highlights ongoing challenges within the Wrestling Federation of India.

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