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Prime Volleyball League: Bengaluru Torpedoes Crush Hyderabad Black Hawks

Prime Volleyball League: Bengaluru Torpedoes Crush Hyderabad Black Hawks

The Bengaluru Torpedoes secured a convincing victory against the Hyderabad Black Hawks in the RuPay-Prime Volleyball League season 3, dominating the match with a final score of 15-6, 15-11, and 15-12. Sethu TR, whose performance was instrumental in the win, was named the Player of the Match.

Prime Volleyball League: Bengaluru Takes Charge Early

  • Sethu TR set the pace for the Torpedoes from the start, putting pressure on the Hyderabad defense with powerful serves.
  • When Hyderabad’s Sahil Kumar attempted attacks, Srajan Shetty effectively blocked him, showcasing strong defensive play.
  • Thomas Heptinstall’s impactful spikes further propelled the Torpedoes forward, establishing an early lead for Coach David Lee’s team.

Prime Volleyball League: Communication Gap Hinders Hyderabad

  • While the Bengaluru players displayed exceptional coordination and teamwork, communication issues plagued the Hyderabad side.
  • Despite Sahil Kumar’s improved attacking efforts and attempts to challenge the Torpedoes, Hyderabad’s overall performance lacked cohesion.

Sethu Shines, Bengaluru Maintains Control

  • Sethu continued to be a key player, delivering another powerful serve, while Srajan and Mujeeb provided crucial blocks.
  • These combined efforts helped Bengaluru maintain control of the match and secure a decisive victory.

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