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Sumit Nagal Soars to New Heights: Career-High Ranking of 95 in ATP Singles!
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Sumit Nagal Soars to New Heights: Career-High Ranking of 95 in ATP Singles!

Indian tennis star Sumit Nagal has scaled new heights, achieving a career-high ranking of 95 in the latest ATP singles chart! This significant milestone comes on the heels of a string of impressive performances. Highlights of Nagal's Recent Success: Australian Open Breakthrough: In January, Nagal not only reached the main draw but also became the first Indian to defeat a seeded player (Alexander Bublik) at the tournament. Chennai Open Champion: Nagal's triumph at the ATP Challenger series event in Chennai in February propelled him to a ranking of 97, his previous best. Challenger Circuit and Beyond: Following the Chennai Open win, Nagal participated in various tournaments, including ATP Challengers, an ATP 500 event (Dubai Championship), and even ATP 1000 Masters (Indian ...

The Different Tennis Formats, Explained

So, you're curious about tennis, the sport that blends grace with grit, power with finesse? But the different formats have you scratching your head like a baseline ball gone astray? Worry not, friend! This guide will serve up a clear explanation of the various tennis formats and how the game is played, making you a pro at understanding the score in no time. Different Tennis Formats To Know Singles Showdown: The classic face-off between two players, each battling it out across the net. This is the format you see at Grand Slams like Wimbledon and the US Open. Matches are typically "best-of-three" sets, meaning the first player to win two sets takes the match. Sets themselves are decided by winning a certain number of games (usually six), with a tiebreaker played if the score r...