Top Sports Games of 2020: The Year Gone By!

Top Sports Games of 2020
This year has shown the rest of the world what we gamers have known all along – the phenomenal worth of a Gaming Console/Gaming PC. Ever since the lockdowns started around the globe, people decided to either dust-off their old consoles or order new ones online to rekindle their love for gaming, what better way […]

This year has shown the rest of the world what we gamers have known all along – the phenomenal worth of a Gaming Console/Gaming PC. Ever since the lockdowns started around the globe, people decided to either dust-off their old consoles or order new ones online to rekindle their love for gaming, what better way to sit out the pandemic! To put things into perspective how much the world has turned towards the worlds 3rd largest entertainment industry – Sony Registered its highest ever sales figures in India. The company doubled its sales as compared to the same time last year during the months of May & June in 2020, as confirmed by the Head of PlayStation business at Sony India, Mr. Prosenjit Ghosh. Furthermore, Nintendo with its last offering, the handheld/plug in console Nintendo Switch which only started in October 2017 has sold over 19 million units, that’s double of what Sony and Microsoft have been able to conjure combined. Speaking of the games played on these consoles, the sports games often emerge as the leaders, with their widespread audience, and the high relatability factor. I mean, who doesn’t want to play as their favourite football or basketball star. On that note, as we walk into 2021 with hopeful eyes, here’s looking back at top sports games of 2020 that got us through this horrible year.


Nominated for the best Sports/Racing Game for the 2020 Game Awards. For the 1st time in the franchise’s history, F1 2020 (the official video game of the 2020 Formula 1 & Formula 2 Championships) was released on Google Stadia. Along with the slick gameplay and brilliant graphics, the makers also re-introduced the split screen after years of leaving it out, further enhancing the experience. F1 2020 is the definitive must-have game for the fans of the racing genre & as a special treat to the said fans it has 16 Classic Cars for connoisseurs including the likes of Ferrari F1 2000.


It is particularly tricky to get this sport right in the gaming world, as the “un-something” nature of MMA makes capturing & replicating the movements, the combinations, the grapples, the holds & counters of the fighters extremely difficult. Yet, EA continue to impress us with how good the game is considering the nature of the beast. Armed with a new Career Mode & a new submission system, EA Sports’ UFC 4 reached number 1 in UK, Australia & New Zealand in no time after its release. The game also reached number 2 in United States, setting a new sales record for itself. The makers did receive some criticism, as the game was criticized (& rightfully so) for the in-game advertisements that were added just after the game’s release. EA listened and removed this feature, furthering bolstering its credentials as one of the top sports games of 2020.


A staple for all football lovers. No matter what sort of review this game gets for every edition, FIFA lovers continue to buy the latest editions year after year after year. FIFA 21 was only released in October this year but the overall franchise held fort as the most popular football simulation game on planet and certainly provided plenty of hours of entertainment during the pandemic. Despite some issues here and there, FIFA 21 was still a fun game, and has to make it to the list of top sports games of 2020.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

What happens when you combine & bring back the two fan favourites of one of the most recognisable games in the world? You get a game that has become the fastest-selling game in the history of that franchise by selling 1 million copies in just the first two weeks of its release and additionally you get The Game Awards’ Sports Game of the Year trophy. There are hours of fun to be had with this game, learning all the tricks, flips, rolls and jumps, or just going mano-a-mano with your friends for the objectives. A game which is hit with both the critics and users, you guaranteed a great time when the title reads Tony Hawk.

Dirt 5

Another racing game on this list of top sports games of 2020, this one was brought to us by Codemasters (the production house responsible for the F1 Series). This one though is focused on off-road racing. The game contains some terrific off road disciplines such as Ice-Racing and Rally-Cross. The dynamic weather system coupled the 4 player split-screen option makes every race with your friends feel exciting & unique. The narrative style based career mode is the best way to go if you want to hone your in-game driving skills & enjoy a gripping to story to go with it. Say what you want, 2020 has given the racing genre some stellar games.

NBA 2K21

Now we know, it’s a game that was universally panned by the critics for showing next to no innovation compared to its previous titles, but if you like games with fast & exciting gameplay, NBA 2K21 is something you should consider. The MY CAREER mode is engaging & exciting, while the MY TEAM mode has some seriously interesting features. Unlike the previous editions, one doesn’t have to spend a whole lot of money to get the best players in their team, and offline modes such as domination, triple threat, spotlight can aid in getting the best players in your team for online competitions.

The evolution cards give you a chance to play with legends like Kareem Abdul Jabbar, all the while evolve said card by playing objective based matches. Despite not improving a lot on the previous editions, this game makes it to the list of top sports games of 2020 mostly because it is the best basketball game out there.

SC Thoughts

The year 2020, while it sucked for a lot of reasons, actually gave us some pretty good sports games. We are hoping the next year is even bigger and better, and some of the long-running games, like FIFA and NBA, actually come out with big, noticeable improvements.

Did we miss any of your favourite sports games from 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

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