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Top Sports Games of 2020: The Year Gone By!

This year has shown the rest of the world what we gamers have known all along – the phenomenal worth of a Gaming Console/Gaming PC. Ever since the lockdowns started around the globe, people decided to either dust-off their old consoles or order new ones online to rekindle their love for gaming, what better way […]

5 Thoughts We Have All Had While Playing FIFA 21

An ode to what used to be our favourite football simulation video game (still is, for the lack of better options)   The EA Sports Franchise is one of the most popular games on the planet and a real money turner for the company. Every year millions of fans wait for the next instalment with […]

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It is often said “Sport is the only truth”. Sport Circle came about as the realization of a dream of a few people who took this saying a little too seriously.


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