The Role of Digital Marketing in the Business of Sports

Before the advent of social media, how did sports fans get their fix? Of course, the old-fashioned way – watching it on TV, listening to it on the radio, reading about it in newspapers, talking about it with neighbors and friends, or being a player yourself. However, with the emergence of digital marketing and media […]

Marketing opportunities in emerging sports leagues of India

In India, the concept of sports has shifted dramatically over the last decade. The advent of numerous sports leagues has transformed India into a multi-sporting nation. Thanks to the success of IPL, many sports leagues like the Indian Super League (ISL), Pro Kabaddi League (PKL), Premier Badminton League (PBL), Pro Wrestling League (PWL), and Pro […]

Who is the Richest Sportsman in India?

Across the world, sport is often seen as the great leveller, with people from all walks of life being judged on merit and getting a chance to make a name and living for themselves. India, with an abundance of talent in every corner of the country, is no different when it comes to sports providing […]

Nike: You Can’t Stop Us – A Lesson in the Power of Taking a Stance

Set amidst a glaring backdrop of a global pandemic and the BLM movement, Nike’s You Can’t Stop Us campaign combines flawless editing with a strong message. With 72 clips split across the screen, the one-and-a-half-minute advertisement hammers in the importance of unity, strength and motivation at a time when most people have a bleak impression […]

How Tech Companies Can Leverage Sports Sponsorships for High ROIs!

Summary: During the last decade, we’ve seen a significant surge in tech brands like Uber, GoDaddy, Byju’s, Oppo and Vivo cash in on lucrative sports sponsorships. 2020 is set to see this trend continue, thanks to an increase in the consumption of multiple sports and formats in India. Leading brands looking for a strong connection […]

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