5 Moments That Changed Indian Cricket!

Cricket has been India’s beloved sport for time immemorial. This sport is a factor that unites the entire country, keeping all differences aside. Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni, Virat Kohli–to name a few–are more than just cricketers. They’re celebrated icons that define an entirely different culture in the country. It’s interesting to see how the sport […]

IPL Records Worth Noting – Who hit the most sixes in IPL?

A single six, the bowling line-up is frustrated; a barrage of sixes and the bowling line-up is shattered! This sounds like something Chris Gayle, M.S. Dhoni and the like would be thinking when they smash the ball far into the stadium, sending the crowd into a tizzy. It goes without saying that these dramatic sixes […]

Who is the Best Finisher in the IPL?

It is a thrilling IPL qualifier, and 20 runs are required off the 19th over. Would the batsman be able to carry his team across the finish line? Or would he succumb to his stomach jitters? It is situations like these that make us wonder about who is the best finisher in the IPL? Throughout […]

Who is the most dangerous batsman in the IPL?

Over the years, the Indian Premier League has evolved into an international contest, garnering viewership from countries all across the globe. A key reason behind IPL’s success is the destruction that comes with it. In the past few editions, we have seen an outrageous display of batting with players carving through some of the most […]

What is Sachin Tendulkar’s Net Worth?

Every time he used to set his mighty foot on the cricket ground, the entire stadium would get caught in an electrifying frenzy. While his entry would make the arena erupt with ‘Sachin! Sachin!’, his dismissal would turn the buzz to ashes. Yes, that was the craze of our Master Blaster, and it still remains […]

Throwback – Top moments of IPL 2020

After a number of postponements and delays, a lot of uncertainty over whether the tournament will actually be conducted, and where it can be hosted, the IPL 2020 finally went ahead. The biggest T20 league in the world was forced to move out of India due to the pandemic situation, finding a home in UAE. […]

Who is the highest paid player in the IPL?

The Indian Premier League is one of the most successful sporting events in the world, with its brand value being 45,800 Crore in 2020. So, it’s not surprising that this translates to phenomenally high salaries for cricketers. When answering questions like who is the highest paid player in the IPL, it’s important to not only […]

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